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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Letting Go Of A DREAM...

It should not be a secret to anyone by now that it is hard for me to Let Go.  Yesterday, was a horrible day for me.  I finally realized that not all dreams are meant to be.  For once I do not have the words to describe how excruciating the pain is. The hurt I feel is beyond measure.  Sometimes, we only look at one angle. We tend to fear what we do not understand.  My fear is being unloved.  I have felt unloved for a long long time.  Most, people view me as being a super nice person.  I will give you anything If I have enough to share.  I try my best to show people how much I care through my actions.  I care and love deeply.  When people hurt me I tend to take it personally.  I have a habit of giving so much of myself that often times I'm left with nothing when the pieces fall.  I long to be loved by someone that is not obligated to love me.  Yesterday, I finally saw my dream for the first time not through my eyes. But, through the eyes of reality. What I physically saw my heart finally felt.  That the love I have to offer will  not be returned in the way that I seek.  I realized that sometimes our dreams may not be realistic or that dream may not be for you. Last night I cried so much because I wanted to finally stop searching for love. I looked upon myself last night and all I could see was desperation.  It clung to me like a second skin. I cried even harder.  When, I awoke this morning my heart felt so much lighter.  With a promise upon my lips and a vow in my heart I have decided to let it go. I'm letting go of searching for love, chasing dreams. And the end of the day, chasing a dream that is not meant for you will prolong what is for you.

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