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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A QUOTE To Consider

Hello, wonderful people of the world. Last year I purchased a little black book that I decided I would write personal life notes to my daughter. I plan to give the book to my daughter upon graduating high school.  When I started writing the life notes I did not realize at the time I was writing quotes. I like quotes because they are usually packed with great lessons.  The first quote I wrote was as follows:
  "Someone who holds onto the Past as if there is no Present in their Future. Is much like a Hoarder. Who is unwilling to let go of the things that makes no progress towards progression." T.W.

I have written several quotes but this quote will always be my favorite quote. When I wrote it I was going through so much emotional turmoil in my life. My marriage had fallen apart and I found myself a single parent. And I just seem to get nowhere no matter how hard I tried. I realized my life was at a stand still because I had not let go of my past. I have learned that if you cannot let go of your past it is impossible to have a future that does not repeat your past.  So, I hope that this quote will touch someone to let go of the past and release yourself to your future.  "Change is the only Constant the Variable agrees with." - T.W.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Are You Afraid Of SUCCESS

Good afternoon good people of the world.  I hope your day is progressing wonderfully.  I asked are you afraid of SUCCESS because it has occurred to me recently that I just may be afraid of SUCCESS.  A few years back I went through a ugly divorce and started to shut myself out from the world. I eventually started to pull myself through. I remember praying and asking God to surround me with positive people in my life and God, has more than surrounded me with positive people. He has surrounded me with encouraging and successful business women. I encounter these women on a daily basis and I try to assist them with small things that will enhance their businesses. I have a up close view of how to be successful. But yet I am afraid of it.  After giving it much thought and consideration I have come to this conclusion.  This may come as a shock to several but I am afraid of my talent.  It scares me to go out on that limb of allowing people to make a choice of whether they want to purchase what I have to offer.   It is so astonishing to see how people have such confidence in me and yet I have none in my own self. I have been searching for my purpose and destiny for some time now and now believe it has been revealed to me on more than one occasion. But I have allowed fear to conceal it from my view. Success and faith are like ying and yang, there is no one without the other. In order for me to be successful I first need to understand that faith is the root of success and without the root the success can never be. So, to any one else out there that may be going through what I am. Pray and ask God to strength your faith so that you are able to accept your purpose and destiny.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Learn to VALIDATE Yourself

Hello, good people of the world. I actually stop writing on my blog because I felt that no one read it. You see I was searching for validation through how many people I could get to follow my blog. So,  I decided to test my own faith and put myself out there and ask my fellow facebook friends to follow my blog. My goal was to have a minimal of ten people following my blog within thirty days. I discovered that my faith was not as strong as I had assumed. Out of thirty days only one person made any attempt to follow my blog. You see I love writing it is a way for me to escape the world of reality. I felt like a complete failure that I could not even reach the attention of ten people through my writing. So, I stopped writing altogether. I have not written since my last post in February. I went to work today thinking about the word VALIDATION, it has been clawing its way through my mind nonstop lately. And I could not figure out what I was suppose to be doing with the word VALIDATION. It was really starting to annoy me. I love words they can be warm and loving and extremely deadly all in one breath. So, for the word VALIDATION to just claw its way through my mind was really ripping me apart on the inside. So, I go to work hopping that familiar faces will take my mind off the word VALIDATION. A good friend and mentor  out of the blue asks me about my blog and why I had not written anything. She mentioned a older post of mine titled "S.A.R.A.H." I was shocked. I did not know that she had read most of the posts. That particular post is very close to my heart. It is weird because my heart started to beat as if it wanted to come out of my chest. You see it suddenly occurred to me that reason why VALIDATION has been  in a vivid memory of my mind lately, it is because all this time I thought VALIDATION was stalking me, it turns out I was the one stalking VALIDATION. Searching high and low for someone to validate my writing. I have discovered that VALIDATION starts with your self first. You, have to  have faith that your special talent is for you and that you are great at doing it. You have to praise yourself first before anyone else can. So, to my good friend and mentor whose name I will not mention because I did not get permission prior to me writing this post. I thank you so very much for showing me that it does not matter how many people read the blog it only matters that I believe what I wrote. So, good people of the world. I am BACK!!!
Always remember "It is impossible for others to believe in your ability. If you, yourself do not believe in your ability first" T.W