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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Why Letting Go Is So Much Harder Than Holding On

A few sunrises have passed since I last blogged.  I have been in what I refer to as a "Mental Reflection." What that means is simply that I have been doing a lot of self-reflection mentally. I have questioned my actions,  reactions, desires, and, thoughts.  The one question that presents itself so vividly within my mental mirror is " Why Letting Go Is So Much Harder Than Holding On."  I have wondered, pondered, analyzed, and deconstructed that question. After all that thinking I still had no clue.  Finally, after feeling defeat caressing me tenderly I fell asleep without the answer.  I awoke the next day slightly agitated and somewhat distracted. Wondering, what I could have missed. I pushed the thought from mind with a powerful shove- I have work to do.  Funny thing is when you allow a question to rest eventually the answer will come to you when its no longer a distraction to you.  I was sitting at home eating when the answer rung my doorbell mentally.! This is what I have discovered well it is my opinion at least.  Letting something go means that you set it free it is no longer connected to you. People are perhaps so afraid of letting go of what they already know. That they are not willing to take a chance simply because they do not know what is to come.  The unknown frightens many and sometimes that is what holds us prisoners to our current predicaments.  I am discovering everyday that letting go is very hard. I battle daily not to succumb to the familiar.  Some days I am extremely successful and there are days I feel as if I have losted the battle.  But what I admire the most is I never give-up. As long as I continue to fight eventually I will win the war.

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