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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Good morning world. My day has started bright and early but that does not bother me. I was lying in bed asking myself what shall I tell the world today. I thought, I wondered and I pondered.  It came to me with a smile upon my lips and flutter in my heart.  For the past year or so I have fell in love with myself. I have found the little quirks about me that makes me truly  unique. Just as I have found the wonderful things about me, I have found the things about me that needs improvement! For the first time in many years I am happy. I struggled for years trying to figure out why I was not loved. I listened to so many self books and tapes that I could probably start my own library. What I find so humorous now it that the answer was always staring me right in the face when ever I looked in the mirror. You see if you do not love yourself it is impossible for any one else to love you. You have to get to know the person you were and the person you have become. You can not expect love to engulf you in its embrace unless you love yourself first. When you love yourself you know exactly how you want to be loved by others. If you take nothing from this post today please take this small bit of information. Love is timeless its embrace will always warm you on the coldest days and cool you during those days where the heat has no mercy. It will always be their waiting with open arms ready and willing to console you. But first you must learn to unlock loves door. If you look in the mirror the key will be staring back at you. So, I ask you when was the last time you told yourself I LOVE YOU?  "Perhaps the key to unlock the solution is YOU" -TW