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Friday, September 30, 2011

Its Just Hair It Will Grow Back- Eventually

This is officially my first blog!!! And yes, I am very excited.  Yesterday, I made a very drastic decision. I went to the hair salon and told my beautician to cut my hair. To say that I hated it would be an understatement. I loathed it at the time.  Now, the (next day) its growing on me.  Its going to take some getting used to, but I can live with that. I know many may be wondering why I cut my hair to begin with. Simple. I wanted a fresh start, a new beginning of sorts.  I wanted to physically do something that would show my transition into the next faze of my life.  I've wasted many years wondering, blaming, disliking, hating, searching for something tangible. When all along I should have been searching for me. I titled my blog Mental Conversations because I question myself about every thing. So, this blog is a physical catalog of my thoughts. So, welcome to my journey of finding the real me!