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Monday, October 31, 2011

How Long Have You Been Searching For S.A.R.A.H? (Serenity,Acceptance,Respect,Accolades,Happiness)

For many years I have been searching for S.A.R.A.H.  I was pondering what it was that I have been stalking for so many years. I stated in a previous blog when you allow a question to rest and it is no longer a distraction to you eventually the answer will reveal its self to you.  When I finally allowed the question to rest I was blown away at what was revealed to me.  For many many years now I have beening searching for "The American Dream" also known as SARAH.  Think about it everyone seeks some form of serenity. Billions of people search for acceptance everyday.  Whether it be from their peers or careers its often a huge factor in motivating our decisions.  Respect will often attach its self to acceptance because people often pair the two off.  Many believe that if they are accepted by their peers and society that will ensure respect.  But we often forget that respect starts within if you do not respect your self first no one else will.  Close on its heel is accolades we often look for physical accolades to define who we are. And then there is happiness. We often attribute happiness to the many accolades we have accomplished.  We look at only the physically tangible items in our lives. Our cars, homes, and children. All these years I have searched for SARAH never stopping to really understand the true meaning of SARAH. Never once stopping in my journey to realize that I have met SARAH several times. Movie nights with my daughter is serenity for me. My boss asking for my input on different subject matters is my acceptance. When children say "yes please" and "no thank you" that is respect for me.  Watching my daughter eyes light up when I let her help me cook is a huge accolade for me.  Being able to wake up every day with a clean slate is happiness for me.  So, I ask you today are you searching for SARAH and if so how is that working for you?

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