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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Where Is Your Compass?

Ladies, have you found yourself walking in circles for miles -years even. Wondering when you are supposed to take the next left or right. I know you are frustrated, tired, confused and angry.  As women we sometimes travel with too much equipment or the wrong equipment. Hell, let’s be honest you are frustrated and angry because you are lost. You have no clue how to read the compass you have been holding for the last umpteen years and the map you have is so old it’s fried and frayed at the ends.  People have often mistaken it for a treasure map.

          Think about your life like this. You are the fried and frayed map lost without destination in mind or sight. The compass you keep holding onto is baggage and we all know that sometimes when your bags are too heavy they will not budge. First thing you should do is acknowledge that you are lost and that the compass you are carrying is outdated. I know you are wondering how all this is supposed to fuse together seamlessly. It does and here is how:





STEP ONE: Acknowledge that you have ALLOWED some unwanted things in your life.  Do not admit to what has happened in your life. Admit implies a reluctance to acknowledge the truth. Acknowledge implies admission of the truth. The truth is that you allowed some turmoil to erupt into your life. Once you acknowledge your role in the upheaval of life then and only then will you be able to move toward correcting it.

STEP TWO:  Compass. A compass is supposed to tell you where you are whether it be south or north.  It's sole purpose is to direct you to your next point. Sometimes we allow other people to become our compass. Allowing them to take us where they wish. They become extra baggage that weighs you down. You allowed them to take control of your compass. TAKE it back.  That compass that you have allowed someone else to operate represents your life. You need to acknowledge that you gave up control over it. Get it back and retrace the origin of where you first started alone. Sometimes traveling alone is best.

STEP THREE: MAP. Your map shows your movement through life. Sometimes, those saddles, ridges, rifts, and valleys we see are our up’s and downs in life. Absolutely, everything we do in this lifetime will be on our map and whether or not your map shows a line that seems to go nowhere is up to you. Stop making excuses of why your map seems to go nowhere. You acknowledged that you allowed unhealthy situations in your life. You took your compass back from whatever was holding you stagnant. Now all you have to do is orient yourself and start moving in a direction that you see fit for your life.

 Even if no one ever follows this blog. I now have the confidence to continue writing.

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