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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Only When You Are Ready

There is so much information that I have acquired or been privy to on how to move on.  But the sad matter is up until now.  I had no inkling on how to apply it. I make it a habit to stay above water on certain subjects.  Because you just never know when the information may be useful to someone.  I have discovered or rather I should say rediscovered that change can come only when you are ready to change.  I have been struggling for months wondering why I seem to be moving nowhere.  Flustered, at the simple thought that as I stand rooted to this spot everything around me continues to move. I try forcing myself to move-nothing happens.  I try mentally willingly myself to move but I remain there.  Sometimes, it takes someone you do not know to point out what those close to you already stated. For the past couple of weeks I have been attending a seminar during lunch.  I have learned a great deal about why I have not moved forward in my  life.  I have been carrying so much baggage that it was impossible for me to move. I never acknowledge that I was ready to move on with my life.  Oh, for sure I have cried and talked about it with friends.  But I never took that step forward in moving on. I kept going back to the past because I could not get past the hurt and anger.  The only way to truly move on is to take the first step into your future.  The only thing the past is good for is a lesson learned. But know this until you are ready to move away from the past and into your future. You will remain rooted where you are. 

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