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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Look How Far....You Have Come

I know it has a been a short interlude since I have last written. I wanted to take the time to truly apply the lessons I have learned since I have been doing my "A Better You " campaign.  At first I will admit I became frustrated because it felt like. When I accomplished dealing with one lesson I would fail another.  But, as I took a moment to reflect I realized that even Masters are constantly learning new ways to become a master at there particular craft.  They to are constantly tested on whether they should or should not be at the top of their field.  So, I decided that I would not allow myself  to wallow in the mistakes that I have made. I will however, continue to forge ahead with conquering my fears.  I have accepted that there will always be a bump along the way in life's journey.  But it is up to you whether you decide to stop traveling or continue regardless of what may lye ahead.  I used to be so critical of myself because I felt that I should  be much further than I am on my journey of "A Better You".  But I realized that it does not matter how long you have been on the journey, it only matters that you did not stop traveling.  You kept moving even when the bumps in the road became harder to cross.  So, rejoice in knowing that you are not where you used to be.  "Inventions were accomplished by people who were willing to fail repeatedly in the past to become successful today" ..TW

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