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Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Better You

Today, was simply one of those days that you can not put a name to.  Today, officially started my "A Better You" campaign.  I awoke early dressed quickly and left the house.  I walked for four hours at the park.  No, technology to keep me motivated just me and my thoughts.  I pondered, wondered, and deconstructed over my past actions.  My goal was to pick one thing I could change immediately.  So, I pondered, wondered some more and then it hit me. I would do everything by myself today no asking friends to accompany anywhere today.  I went to the movies and saw MIP2- alone.  I did not want to go but at the same time I did not want to sit in the house and let my thoughts reason me into doing something foolish.  I found that it was not so bad although there were moments old memories would tried to appear. I repeated to myself "Let It Go". Tomorrow, will be a new day which means a new challenge. I'm excited for whats to come until tomorrow campaign For A Better You..

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