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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Not Gonna Cry

Today, was a easier than last few days. I guess more so because I know who is for me and whom are against me. I had no idea what I was going to work on for my "A Better You" campaign.  But I was a awoken by the sounds of two consenting adults.  I immediately, wanted to break down and cry my heart out. Because, once again this person is showing me just how much of a friend I am. By throwing his relationship in my face. I quickly dressed for work and left feeling somewhat wounded and broken. I sat in my car several minutes comforting myself. Telling myself do not cry over someone that does not have the capacity to care for you. I told myself that it would be a cry-free day. I cried later on but I was extremely proud of myself for the self-control I used.  Later, I tried to talk to this person and tell him that I felt disrespected but he refused to listen. Once again, I was extremely proud of myself for the self-control I used. I didn't argue nor did I cry. Even, when he tried to be mean I held my tongue and walked away.  So, although I cried today I still accomplished my goal of a cry-free day. I didn't allow myself to cry all day over situations I have no control over.  I am learning every day that some people just do not care. So, I will end with saying this "Kindness is perhaps a commodity that some people will leave on the shelf".. TW

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