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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Third Eye-Blind

So, it has been a while since I blogged. I have so much to say but I, will contain my excitement and concentrate on the one that sheds the most light.  We as people are blind to so many issues in the world and our lives.  If you have been reading my blogs you know that I have been struggling with a few issues.   Sometimes, you have to sit down and simply listen, reflect, and forgive.  I came to the revelation that often times we subject ourselves to blindness.  We do this by making excuses and compromises.  Those nagging thoughts or that gut feeling that hits you so hard, you have to take a seat to catch your breath. Thats your third-eye also known as intuition.  We ignore our third-eye often refusing to acknowledge its presence. When it seems as if your world is spinning out of control and you are crying yourself to sleep and back awake. Wondering, when did life become so damn difficult.  You look around and see the upheaval you have brought into your life. Asking, yourself why, no one told you what was going on.  But, why would you need someone to tell you what you already knew, had you taken the time to listen to your third eye-intuition. Why, would you listen to someone else when clearly you do not trust yourself to know whats best for you. We could avoid so much unnecessary hurt if we just trust our third eye-intuition. I finally just stopped and listened all my hurt and pain over the past few months could have been avoided had I listened. Instead making excuses and compromises.  I have been reflecting my life these past few months. I finally saw what my third-eye has been trying desperately to show me that I am worth so much more than what has been offered to me. That stained glass window that I created in my mind that I thought was so beautiful, wasn't actually stained at all it was dirt. So, I ask you are you going to continue to look through windows that appear to be beautifully stained. Ignoring the third-eye that is telling you that window isn't worth looking through, or will you look beyond that window to what is for you.... "Sometimes, the best things in life, are not what we want but what NEED"...TW

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