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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Learn to VALIDATE Yourself

Hello, good people of the world. I actually stop writing on my blog because I felt that no one read it. You see I was searching for validation through how many people I could get to follow my blog. So,  I decided to test my own faith and put myself out there and ask my fellow facebook friends to follow my blog. My goal was to have a minimal of ten people following my blog within thirty days. I discovered that my faith was not as strong as I had assumed. Out of thirty days only one person made any attempt to follow my blog. You see I love writing it is a way for me to escape the world of reality. I felt like a complete failure that I could not even reach the attention of ten people through my writing. So, I stopped writing altogether. I have not written since my last post in February. I went to work today thinking about the word VALIDATION, it has been clawing its way through my mind nonstop lately. And I could not figure out what I was suppose to be doing with the word VALIDATION. It was really starting to annoy me. I love words they can be warm and loving and extremely deadly all in one breath. So, for the word VALIDATION to just claw its way through my mind was really ripping me apart on the inside. So, I go to work hopping that familiar faces will take my mind off the word VALIDATION. A good friend and mentor  out of the blue asks me about my blog and why I had not written anything. She mentioned a older post of mine titled "S.A.R.A.H." I was shocked. I did not know that she had read most of the posts. That particular post is very close to my heart. It is weird because my heart started to beat as if it wanted to come out of my chest. You see it suddenly occurred to me that reason why VALIDATION has been  in a vivid memory of my mind lately, it is because all this time I thought VALIDATION was stalking me, it turns out I was the one stalking VALIDATION. Searching high and low for someone to validate my writing. I have discovered that VALIDATION starts with your self first. You, have to  have faith that your special talent is for you and that you are great at doing it. You have to praise yourself first before anyone else can. So, to my good friend and mentor whose name I will not mention because I did not get permission prior to me writing this post. I thank you so very much for showing me that it does not matter how many people read the blog it only matters that I believe what I wrote. So, good people of the world. I am BACK!!!
Always remember "It is impossible for others to believe in your ability. If you, yourself do not believe in your ability first" T.W

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