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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Healthy You, Makes A Happier You

Good morning, I am sure that many of you have made New Year's Resolutions to lose weight and eat healthy. I take that back thousands of people have made that same resolution including me. But somewhere around mid January and beginning of February we simply give up. Siting work and family as reasons of why we can no longer continue our journey to a healthier version of ourselves. I bet if we would peek inside many homes we would find bookshelves littered with healthy living books and cookbooks and I will not even mention the amount of unused exercise equipment that is stored in the back of closets and garages. Every year we go through a yo-yo effect of starting and stopping always siting the same excuses along the way. Well, guess what.  I am going to clue you all in on something I just recently discovered myself. Your body cannot become healthy if your state of mind is unhealthy. I know you all are probably thinking that this has nothing to do with nothing, oh but it does. If you are working out on a daily basis for  two weeks and you are eating healthy. That means depriving yourself of all that junk that your body has learned to crave over the years. Then you decide that you want to weight yourself because you know you have lost about ten pounds. You weigh yourself and notice that for the past two weeks you have been working out like a gym rat and eating extremely healthy that sometimes when those cravings for a twix wakes you up in the middle of the night. Literally,  have you huddled in your room crying silently begging for day break. You get on the scale and you have lost three pounds you instantly go into a unhealthy mental state of mind. You ask yourself "What the hell is the point" and you tell yourself "I may as well eat what I want, everybody dies from something" You stop trying and whether you decide to admit it or not you become depressed. You begin eating more than you normally would and you end up gaining back those three pounds you lost and then some. What I am proposing may sound crazy but I think it just might be a effective way to becoming healthy mentally and physically.

1.  Prayer - Before you start your day pray and ask God to help you stay focused and positive. Pray and ask God to place people in your life that will encourage and assist you in your goals to becoming healthy inside and out. If you are not a religious person try meditating before you start your day and just take a few moments throughout the day to center yourself.
2.  Stop - Stop making excuses of why you are not eating healthy and working out. The truth is NO ONE cares. After all YOU were the one that made the resolution to become healthy.
3.  Steps - Take small steps do not go out and buy all those eating healthy books and all those exercising equipment. Start with walking for about two weeks and replacing one of your meals with a green drink.
4. Journal - Start keeping a journal of the foods you eat and how certain foods make you feel. This is your journal so say whatever you want. Tell your journal how felt that day. You will be surprised once you go back and read after you have reached your weight goal. You will notice patterns of when you decide to eat a slice of cake instead of fruit. You will notice that most of the time it is not really you that is eating but a EMOTION that is eating. Such as sadness or depression. Most people are emotional eaters.
5. Reward - You should reward yourself. People often stop trying because they refuse to reward themselves until it becomes too late. At the end of every week reward yourself with ONE thing that you really want. Eat and be done with it. No one is perfect you like what you like and you should never feel bad about that.
6. Weigh In - Weight yourself after thirty days and see how well positive thinking pays off.
Hopefully, you all will decide to give it a try and I wish you much success. Until next time always remember that a healthier you is a happier you.

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