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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Are You Afraid Of SUCCESS

Good afternoon good people of the world.  I hope your day is progressing wonderfully.  I asked are you afraid of SUCCESS because it has occurred to me recently that I just may be afraid of SUCCESS.  A few years back I went through a ugly divorce and started to shut myself out from the world. I eventually started to pull myself through. I remember praying and asking God to surround me with positive people in my life and God, has more than surrounded me with positive people. He has surrounded me with encouraging and successful business women. I encounter these women on a daily basis and I try to assist them with small things that will enhance their businesses. I have a up close view of how to be successful. But yet I am afraid of it.  After giving it much thought and consideration I have come to this conclusion.  This may come as a shock to several but I am afraid of my talent.  It scares me to go out on that limb of allowing people to make a choice of whether they want to purchase what I have to offer.   It is so astonishing to see how people have such confidence in me and yet I have none in my own self. I have been searching for my purpose and destiny for some time now and now believe it has been revealed to me on more than one occasion. But I have allowed fear to conceal it from my view. Success and faith are like ying and yang, there is no one without the other. In order for me to be successful I first need to understand that faith is the root of success and without the root the success can never be. So, to any one else out there that may be going through what I am. Pray and ask God to strength your faith so that you are able to accept your purpose and destiny.

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