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Friday, September 6, 2013

Travel With A Purpose

Hello, wonderful people of the world. I usually do not post in the evenings. But I had to tell someone about the lovely women I met today. I stopped to chat to a friend briefly and met two women that  are on a road trip of sorts. They started in California and are planning to end in Alabama. I asked were they on a road trip?  They told me no.  Their  plan is to stop in states along the way to meet family members that they have never met before. This I thought was extremely exciting . Traveling and meeting different people trying different things is fun and you always learn something new about yourself along the way. We as people are always traveling; whether here or there and somewhere in between. I noticed a few years back that rarely as we travel do we have a purpose. Everyone loves to say they need a vacation. But ask yourself what is your purpose for this trip. What is mechanism that keeps you in constant motion. What is the real reason you are traveling. We spend our whole lives constantly in motion and eventually getting nowhere. As with the two lovely ladies I met today they are traveling with a purpose to meet the family they have never meet. To finally meet the DNA that made you and meet the roots of the family tree is a great purpose. I did not get the wonderful women names but I do wish them safe travel and plenty of excitement along the way. " It is better to travel with a purpose than to travel with no known destination."- T.W.

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