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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

GOALS are Dreams You Want to Achieve

Today, I awoke with many things on my mind. Questions, answers and directions everything was just floating across my mind begging to be brought into existence. But sometimes you just have to push aside somethings in order to meet your Goals. Goals everyday people make goals and everyday millions never reach their goals. Not because they could not achieve them. But because they were too afraid they would fail. And everyone knows when you are afraid you stop. No questions asked you just stop because just the thought of you not achieving what you seek teriffies. You justify for yourself on why you gave up. I am no stranger to this particular mindset. But I refuse to allow myself to hinder me. My goal is have ten followers for my blog by February 1, 2013. I will not lie and say that I am not scared because I am.  I cannot continue to live in fear of never acheiving my goals. So as they say I shall leap into my destiny. " How do you know if "IF" is possible if you never bother to try"-T.W.

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